Being Honest And Being Sick.

2 09 2012

Short posts are the way to go! That way you guys know I’m still alive, and trust me, after this week I’m only just alive! I’ve had the whole week off training. 10% of the reasoning is because I injured my glute in the Henderson Open PSA, the other 90% is because at one stage I thought I had meningitis! After getting the shakes last weekend, I woke up on Tuesday with the dreaded rash (no, not that kind of rash.. For any dirty readers out there) that goes along with the head feeling like its going to fall off. Anyway, after waiting an hour and a half with a room full of crazy people at the local A&E, I was cleared with a viral infection, and prescribed with drugs for Africa.  Read the rest of this entry »

The Start Line

11 04 2012

I’m back playing squash. I’m really happy to say that. Like Pete in the picture above, some people probably didn’t recognise me after it has been so long. Lucky for me I was only put on the operating table and not the grill. It’s not an easy process, I suppose that fact is obvious, but I thought that when I was ready to play again I wouldn’t still have pain in my knee. Assumptions are glorious things, but often they’re wrong. Mine was wrong. You set these timelines in your head, “Yep, the surgeon says I’ll be fine to play again on this date” and you imagine yourself moving like a dream, and playing in World Series events haha. I know, I know.. delusions of grandeur! But do you get what I mean? I have 9 months of watching squash tv, and count down every day until I’ll be playing again. I guess if I do this so much then I start imagining myself playing in the tournament of champions, or the british open, because my head is always in that space, and not realising that at this time in my career, my place is court 2 at the national squash centre, with people eating subway sandwiches out the back of the court. Read the rest of this entry »


23 02 2012

If the sun wasn't out, I would never have had the chance to enjoy a swim after training last friday

I’ve just finished backspacing a few thousand words because I want you to be able to finish reading this post without having to take a nap. Plus, it gets a little boring when the post was about how things don’t always go the right way. To be honest, I was feeling a bit low after I checked the results of the Wednesday lottery and saw I hadn’t won :) All jokes aside, that money would be pretty handy! I try my luck every know and then, buy a ticket on occasion to see if I can possibly get a win and go out to buy that navy Maserati I drive past in Newmarket. I just like the thought of entering into something with very little chance, it just makes things more exciting. Just like Ramy Ashour enters into that backward overhead cross court attempt into the nick, or some guy enters into conversation with a girl he thinks wouldn’t give him the time of day… they all have very little chance, but if it all comes off it makes life more exciting. After all, at the end of the day when all the hard graft is done, life comes down to chance, No? Read the rest of this entry »


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