Alive And Writing

27 01 2012

Where I spent my holidays (Gisborne)

Well, I was going to say alive and kicking. I’m not kicking anything, but I am writing, which is what I haven’t done on here for about 6 months, so I thought it oughta be time to write something before the people who read this blog think I’m dead and gone. People do read this blog right? Anyway, I found some time, while my movie decides if it wants to play or not, to write a few lines. Who knows what I’ll come up with.

Pretty much, in the last six months, I’ve been learning how to put one foot in front of the other again. At first it was very slow, then it was very painful, then it got quicker but still painful, and now it’s nearly there.. nearly to the point of being able to play a match. When I say ‘nearly’, I use it appropriately, because it’s a loose term with no time frame, but I’m hoping to play a match in the next few weeks. The whole process of rehabilitation has been about as fun as a wet fart, unless you enjoy wet farts, in that case you can slowly remove yourself from the computer and ask your GP for a prescription for your mental condition😉

If you don’t get that last bit, then what I mean is that not being able to play a squash match has not been pleasant. On the brighter side, I have been able to enjoy a bit of time with friends, family, and at the beach (that one time when the sun came out for a few hours). I would give 84% of that up to be able to play a tournament right now though. But, you know the saying, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’m not sure what relevance that has as I’m not building a city, but I think it means that I’ve learnt to be patient while dealing with my knee injury. The injury hasn’t all been bad. In short (because I gave you the long story in a previous post), I think I’ll look at my career and the squash tour differently now. Whether that outlook will be beneficial is up for negotiation, but in my mind it will be better for me.

What the last 6-8 months has taught me, is you have to learn to look on the light side of life a little more often. Always thinking, “why does this have to happen?” in a whiney kind of way, isn’t going to help you at all! Also, taking things too seriously has little effect. I’ve realised the reason we’re serious most of the time is only because we’re seriously worried about something. It can be because we’re worried about a problem which needs to be dealt with, or it can be because we look at others and think to ourselves, “hmm, i better act serious, otherwise they’ll think I’m not giving 100%.” The truth in my mind is that things are done with a lot more enjoyment, but also a lot more efficiency if they’re done in a fun and light-hearted manner. “Why?” you ask with a serious face. haha well I believe we can take a lot more in, and make a lot more of our opportunities if we are relaxed and having fun, not to mention that life is more worthwhile if you’re having fun.. no-one likes a person who makes you feel like you’re at a funeral. 

Every few minutes I look back at what I’ve written. I just looked back at the last paragraph and thought “why o why do I always get sucked in to being philosophical?” haha. So, it’s probably a good time to finish up this post, also because my movie is deciding it wants to play now. I hope the update didn’t leave you thinking, “why did he bother”🙂

It’s summer time! Go out and enjoy that warm rain!

Oh, and if you want to stay healthy, make sure you check out the new iHerb page!




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